About us

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Westerwaldkreis mbH - WFG (Economic Development Corporation for the Westerwald district)

The name says it all - our main task is to stimulate the economy in the Westerwald district. This does not primarily relate to financial support. In their role as a “pilot", link, consultant and networker, WFG has established a good name for itself as a contact partner for the large and small needs of the regional economy.

Our aim is:

  • to strengthen the economic position of Westerwald and its competitiveness by intensively networking regional stakeholders
  • to assist companies within the region during challenges by providing expert advice
  • to accompany the first steps of business start-ups in the Westerwald district by providing detailed information
  • to demonstrate the potential of “Made in Westerwald” with targeted communication
  • to make known the many “Hidden Champions”
  • to strengthen identification with the region - the “we feeling” through (pro)active collaborations